2019 Artists

In no particular order
AND suprises special guests!

MIP Power Trio

Whether you’re craving something quirky and upbeat, the twangs of a modern minstrel, or soul-wrenching rock…whelp, the Mip Power Trio has a tune for that. Mip, through writing, arranging, and performing music her way has created something that is “unconventionally exciting to the ears.”




Bluenatics are a TO blues band, playing an eclectic mix of classic Blues and Rock n Roll. Featuring powerful vocals, solid rhythms and electrifying solos. Danceable, toe-tapping, fun, exciting and captivating Blues and Rock n Roll from the 30's to present interpreted with smiles, heart and passion.



The Supervoids

The Supervoids are a Rock/Punk/Blues band with a host off ecclectic influences, including the Stooges, Velvet Underground, The Doors, Joy Division, the Rolling Stones, the Clash, & Motörhead.


erik bleich  

Erik Bleich

With experimental spirit, this Toronto-based group propels singer/songwriter Erik Bleich’s street lit lullabies & manic romps into a dynamic fusion of Eastern European folk, alt-county & chamber pop. Their kaleidoscopic whims weave chiming glockenspiel and trumpet fanfare into lush swells of accordion, violin, and percussive guitar.



Terrible and the Horribles

Terrible and the Horribles started after an open mic in September 2015 that brought together Edie Wilson on lead vocals and bass, and Greg Kowalczyk on drums. The longtime friends and erstwhile roommates had their first band practice that Wednesday. They eventually decided against looking for a guitarist in favour of the tight dynamic that comes with a 2-piece. Usually a post-punk band known for their ability to make a huge amount of noise with fewer people, they're switching it up for this festival, bringing Greg up to the front on acoustic guitar and paring down Edie's usual giant bass rig.


Original Suspects

Rock ‘n Blues. Not rock, not blues, but a genre all it’s own. With all the movement and escalating tension of 70’s bands like Alice Cooper, Bad Company, The Stones and their descendants such as Black Crowes or Monster Truck. The Suspects will build a rock wall and climb it to stand tall and preach the Blues in the way ZZ Top, Clapton, Hendrix, SRV and the ‘Three Kings’ (BB, Albert and Freddie) showed them how! Don’t miss a chance to see these guys. .


Pam White

Aussie expat Pam White plays guitar and sings mostly about herself. Her latest album, Move/Still, is a collection of folk-pop and acoustic-driven rock about the adventures of navigating the Canadian immigration system.



Carl Lorusso Jr.

Originally hailing from Tottenham, Ontario, Carl Lorusso has been performing regularly in Toronto for the past 9 years. He has released three studio albums, including “100 Broken Words”, recently released in March 2017. He has recently released singles "Garden of Doubt" and "Fishing with Pirates" off his yet to be released new album.



Atomic Ave

Atomic Ave. Co-founded by Jon Giles and Melody Faith in the summer of 2019. From rock to pop, jazz to indie; these two take inspiration from any kind of genre. This year with special guest Greg Kowalczyk.


rexy spice  

Rexy Spice

"I’m a lyrically driven, violently acoustic, unintentionally comic singer-songwriter. My songs are funny, angry, political, and horny–often, all at once. If Chrissie Hynde and Billy Bragg had a kid raised by Madonna and Ani DiFranco, he’d sound exactly like me. "



Kim Craig & Trish McAuley

Kim Craig writes unconventional guitar tunes and sings dark vocal melodies over them, with Trish McAuley on drums. Kim's sound has been influenced by Nick Drake, Cat Power and Elliot Smith. 

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